A not-so-adventure in Brevard

Last weekend, I went to visit my parents and decided that my old friends and I needed to take a hiking trip in Brevard. Our lives depended on it! I did some hunting online for some good trail options and then headed down their way for breakfast and heading out.

Only we never found the trails. Any of them. Call us failures of mountaineers, whatever. We still had fun! Eventually, we just hopped over to Looking Glass Falls so it wouldn’t be a complete bust and then found a random little trail and blazed a path up an intensely steep hill (which I promptly sat in the mud and slid down, naturally).






_DSC5637-EditI happened to realize while I was driving down to meet them that this summer will mark ten years that I’ve known the man in the middle. How time flies!

For the Whovians who may be reading! We had to stop. and take a snapshot. Naturally, I had to be the Doctor and made my friend be Rose, but that’s how our friendship works, anyway. Though, we are more like the DoctorDonna… and since he’s ginger, he’s obviously Donna. Duh.


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