Money? Pfft, who needs that?

Market bounty

I refuse to let summer in yet. I’ll allow a little taste with the tomatillos, but until spring produce is gone, I’m sticking with spring.

I take meat seriously.

Very seriously.

I don’t eat it much, though. Because I take it so seriously. It takes a lot of planning on my part, financially and mentally. Produce I don’t feel as bad if I experiment on and then it’s not very tasty. Meat on the other hand? That’s an animal that died. A sentient being going in the trash if I mess it up… and a large chunk of cash.

I had never purchased nor cooked an expensive cut of meat. Until now.

Fickle Creek Farms Mutton Shoulder

What a beautiful hunk of meat.

I was listening to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper the other week, and she started describing a Persian lamb roast with rhubarb. Delighted that I’ve been able to work with rhubarb freely for the first time since it’s so common at the Durham market, and lamb is so common at the market, I put two and two together.

This is my first time cooking lamb. And my first time cooking meat in my gas oven. I’ll report back whether I burned my house down.

If it does, I’ll have these gorgeous chemically unwashed eggs also from Fickle Creek Farm to tied me over. I’ve never seen eggs with such a consistently gorgeous neon orange yolk.


What you can’t see: bits of feather stuck to the shells.



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